Our Mission

The Edaren Foundation was founded with a mission to fund or assist in the funding of initiatives designed to benefit three primary focus areas:

  • Education

  • Arts

  • Environment

Additional consideration will be given to applications requesting funding for initiatives that combine two or more of the primary focus areas.

Geographic Focus: Texas

Edaren is a registered 501(c)3 organization and the geographic focus for the Foundation is Texas. While Edaren is not restricted from helping projects outside of Texas, the focus aids in the selection process, helps build lasting relationships with target beneficiaries, and matches the founders’ values and roots.


Edaren’s founders and board members are interested in helping communities in Texas find solutions to the challenges in Education faced due to increases in population size and diversity, economic disparity, and rapid changes in technology. We believe entrepreneurial, innovative approaches to advancing Education in Texas will make the difference.


Edaren’s founders are passionate about the Arts and the role it plays in a child’s development of creativity and confidence. We also believe that the Arts play a vital role in the social fabric of any community, and that the presence of a vibrant and well-supported Arts community is an essential element in improving the quality of life of residents.


Edaren’s founders believe that our world, our country, and Texas are facing some big Environmental challenges. We believe a strong combination of funding research, education and action are essential to build awareness and create momentum towards addressing Environmental problems in a sustainable way, both in the immediate term and for generations to come.